About three hundred years ago there was a platform (Thara) on the ground near the dilapidated Devi Temple. On this platform was the Deity of Khandakarnan, worshiped by the Pulaya community. On one of those days a Pulaya woman came to this area to gather grass. The surrounding area was secluded and was like a jungle. The woman started to sharpen her sickle on a large flat rock. She was amazed to see blood trickling from that part of the rock where she rubbed the sickle. She was scared and cried for help. People gathered around the scene and they too witnessed the miraculous sight.

Hurriedly, the ruler of the land was informed. The ruler, known as Thaliyathiri, arrived along with the eldest member (Karanavar) of Chengamanad East Warriam. Seeing the miracle they immediately realized the presence of Adiparashakti who is Jagadambika. Poojas where performed immediately. Ever since, Mudiyettu Thalappoli and other rituals are conducted every year to please Divine Mother.

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